The Goon Squad is now on duty.

O.B.G. is an all-ages cold war tale featuring an alien, a monster, robot, and space monkey. Just that run of the mill all-American elements needed for a nuclear era adventure.

With the world in danger it is only a pack of international outcasts that can keep order and peace across the globe. 

A series of escalating attacks in the greatest cities of the world lead the team to realize they are the targets of a brazen criminal mastermind. As they band together to try to take on their unknown adversary the world begins to turn on them as outsiders.

It falls to this unwanted bunch of misfits to rally each other and save a world that doesn't much want them around.




Unique Feel

The character design was fully embracing the all-ages audience, moving toward bolder lines, broader shapes, and a clear eye on color.

The titular O.G.B. is a strange organization focused around the three main members and draws its name from the first letters of the Orange guy, Green alien, and Blue robot. 

These characters are each from another world, with their own ways of moving, talking, and, being. Reflecting that movement and character in their features was one of the most interesting aspects of this project.

What does an alien from another world with super powers face on a daily basis? How would the world react to a space chimp from Russia that could not only speak, but wanted to defect? Exactly how many meals does a Scottish lake monster eat in the course of a day?

All these were questions to ponder and explore while unfolding the strange world that the O.G.B. live in.