THE PROGRESSIVE REDNECK is an undead government agent created by THE SERVICE to grapple with a vast right wing conspiracy known as THE FAUX SOCIETY. 

The Progressive Redneck is the code name for Senator Byrd, a West Virginia boy known for carrying a constitution in his breast pocket, a bowie knife on his hip, and the spurs of Doc Holliday.

A mysterious woman from Byrd's past has asked to meet him in a deserted drive in on the wide flats of the desert, alone. 

What could possibly go wrong?

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On a hot and steamy night in Austin, SENATOR BYRD and his friend ZEUS, are off to stop the evil mastermind behind a quarter century of schemes and trouble known on the street as 'THE BRAIN'.

As the rain falls and barbs are exchanged, it becomes clear there is something more going on inside the head of 'THE BRAIN'.

The gears turn and action unfolds, with the PROGRESSIVE REDNECK leaving a flaming mess behind and new targets ahead.

Chapter One is here as we march toward November 8th!

Enjoy & breath deep.




It will be a wild one in the old town!

THE FAUX SOCIETY is on the run and THE PROGRESSIVE REDNECK is out to find out just what is in store for the nation and the world. With the conspiracy unraveling, a dark night in middle America, and a few choice words for the 'help', NEWT lays out the plans to pump exotic alien brainwaves into the people of the nation and make them all zombies with a little help from THE ATOMIC SKULL.

Think that sounds like something Senator Byrd, THE PROGRESSIVE REDNECK, is likely to let pass? Hardly!

It's adventure and arguing of the grandest sort in chapter 2!


In the heart of the country a wild batch of agents is up against a half tan man with secrets hidden in dark places for darker reasons.

THE FAUX SOCIETY will finally be revealed and the THE PROGRESSIVE REDNECK will venture into new and *gross* territory along with his new partner, the GONZO JOURNALIST.

Enjoy the sprint to the end and the absurdness of it all in the run up to the finish!

Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut, and his beautiful and comic take on society and the things we do, I was finally able to really embrace that influence in this chapter. Beyond the clear reference on the chapter slide and the call out to the symbol the general surreal blending with the ordinary was always such a joy in reading Vonnegut's work. 

His illustrations were amazing at the time, and now, seeing the simplicity of his lines, I am again amazed.

Thanks Kurt!


The final stretch is upon us, and the finale is here. We have seen the Faux Society and THE DONALD reveal their plan. It's time for the Progressive Redneck and the rag-tag bunch of misfits to band together and find a way to stop the evil.

Sound familiar?

This chapter was a blast to create and fueled by a lot of DAVID BOWIE. The soundtrack, the peace in the face of change, and the constant evolution was something that was on my mind during this time.

Getting beyond the limits of the known seemed a great lesson for Bowie's life. And it seemed a driving force for this finale. 

Finding a way to begin to understand the meaning and reasons behind the actions, words, and emotions swirling about the world in 2016 is a big undertaking. It's really in retrospect, looking back on this tale, that I see that's what was underway. 



The end is nigh.