Exploration into the strange

Spacebat and the Fugitives is a galaxy spanning all ages adventure that journeys from the outmost regions of the universe to the depths within the mind. 

Giant robots, electric swords, hover-cycles, telepaths and rock monsters are just a few of the highlights of the series of encounters 3 fugitive kids have as they enlist the infamous Spacebat to help them with their cause. 

The fugitives can only hope they have what it takes to save the universe.




Crafting the universe

Spacebat was a narrative journey of exploration and also a creative one. The story telling was designed to build over four issues with stand alone tales that each concluded in a powerful cliff hanger. This was a new style of writing for me, with a lot of challenges to pack in as much humor, excitement and action as could fit in 22 pages. 

The art style was an exploration as well. My line work has always been dynamic and loose, but I never tried to capture the raw energy, shape, and form of my roughs in a finished piece before. Nor had I explored such a specific color palette before, focusing on the four primary hues and keeping the energy and looseness alive.